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What's Our Secret?

REJUVENIQE S™ is a product that ​hydrates, moisturizes, and nourishes the ​skin AND hair. It contains natural fruit ​acids (AHAs) that smooth and brighten ​the skin, while our exclusive peptide ​tightens and plumps it. Plant stem cells ​are also present to strengthen and protect ​the skin.

Who I Am

At 25 years old, I received my certification to ​teach yoga and decided to take the leap and ​focus on my own business from home. Now, I ​promote a Vegan and Anti-aging product line ​that focuses on Haircare, Skincare, and ​Wellness, which I refer to as the body's "Holy ​Trinity". My goal is not only to provide my ​clients with the keys to indulgent self-care, but ​also to remind them of their unique worth. I am ​proud to offer products that are effective for ​everyone, regardless of their race or pace. As ​your guide, I treasure the mutual love and light ​we share. To those I have yet to meet, I look ​forward to welcoming your light into my life.

What We Offer

Skin care for every mood of skin

Maintenance for our inner Wellness and beauty

Haircare for ALL types of hair

Product Of The Month

Sleep Drops

*Restful Sleep Elixir*

A soothing elixir of herbal extracts, Amino acids, and minerals that help quiet your ​mind and relax your body so you can achieve restful, restorative sleep

Why It Works



Provides the body and mind with a ​custom sleep blend of amino acids that ​signal the brain to relax. Herbal extracts ​and antioxidants allow the body to relax ​and achieve truly restful, deep sleep that ​last all night.

•helps promote restless sleep without next ​day drowsiness*

•supports the body's natural stress ​response

•tincture delivery format - no pills to swallow

•delicious sugar free fruit medley flavor

*Chamomile Extract



*Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid

*Sour Cherry Extract


Contact Information

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Email Address

Phone Number

(626​) 594-6875

a sound mind produces quality effort

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